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  • Can i stay and watch my dog while you are grooming?
    Owners are advised not to distract their pet during grooming because they have the tendency to feel uneasy especially when they know your presence. This might cause danger to both the groomer or/and your pet.
  • What if my pet are super aggressive?
    We will need to understand the cause of the aggressiveness as this behavior can be resulted from unpleasant experiences or health problem. We seek your understanding if we are unable to groom them when our groomers are at risk. More time and effort is also required to pacify uncooperative furkids.
  • Is your groomer certified ?
    Yes. All our groomers are certified Professional Groomers.
  • Is there any transportation service?
    Cal or messagel to confirm when booking appointment with us.
  • Do you hand dry or cage dry my pet?
    We only hand dry them.
  • Exchange & Refund for Items
    Takara Pets do not have a refund policy. Please check for defects once you receive your items. Please report to us within 2 days should there be any defects on manufacturing or size that is not suitable for you pets. If the clothes do not fit, customer may exchange the item for another size (subjected to availability), or exchange for another design or product of the same or greater value ( customer have to top-up price difference). All product must be returned in the following conditions: - in the original state of condition; together with the wrapper - odour free, unsoiled and without any animal hairs on it. However, exchange of product is only applicable to unsuitable sized clothings. Hence it will be recommended that you can measure your pets in advance to avoid unnecessary troubles. * $2 fee will be levied for every exchange. The fee will be collected during meet ups at our preferred location only.
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